Monday, December 17, 2007

Um, a Mission Statement?

So here I am, creating a blog of my own, because I just don't have enough things vying for my time these days. Between my job, my wife, our already-born son, our unborn son, and our house it seems like I'm always doing something - I'M NOT COMPLAINING - it's just that I feel like I don't have a whole lot of free time as of late. Therefore, in the Arbour Tradition of spreading oneself too thin (those of you who know my Dad know what I'm talking about), I've decided to pile on.

Here's the thing - Lindsay's already got a blog dedicated to all things family, so even though I'll make the occasional reference to something, don't expect any significant "Arbour family updates" here.

In fact, I wouldn't expect anything of any real substance out of this blog - it's generally going to be a forum for me to express what I'm thinking at any given moment, and it may or may not make any sense. The truth is that, at last count, there were exactly 5,139,689,404,867 blogs on the 'net. The absolutely crazy thing is that 5,139,689,404,868 just happens to be my lucky number, so I've got a good feeling 'bout this...

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